These few days, Crystal Kay’s “Boyfriend -Part II-” has been playing in my mind. I guess it wouldn’t have been that much of an impact had Per not told me that Ohkura cried over that song. Made me curious to know what the lyrics meant.

Just changed my wallpaper. Uchi-kun. 2 people from the forums went to the NewS concert! I’m so jealous!!! =P Anyway, Uchi hasn’t rejoined. Wonder when will Johnny-san let him return. Uchi-kun, do come back soon! Everybody misses you!

Yep, have been downloading quite a few concerts. Morning Musume, Johnny’s countdown, Berryz Koubou… Got the latest Berryz Koubou concert, the one with Maiha’s graduation. “Bye bye, Maiha ne~” Somehow this quote is stuck in my mind.

My computer only listens to me. Twice Sis touched it and the mouse hung when all along nothing bad happens when I’m using it. Haha…

I got back my cashiering test paper. Yea…*rolls eyes* the refresher course that James held. Lost 2 marks…one from a careless mistake. Damn! Could have gotten full marks…blah ah.

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