tacchon smokes

OMG…I’m going to pengz here…OHKURA SMOKES??!! *image of Ohkura crumbles*

I know I shouldn’t be too surprised that a JE boy smokes since it’s common for the Japanese to drink and smoke. And you’ll be raising an eyebrow, asking how come they don’t die of lung/liver cancer and still live to a ripe old age. But c’mon…TACCHON??!! Nice, handsome TACCHON??!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…

If Massu smokes too…that’s it. My heart is so gonna bbbbbuuuuuuurrreeeeeekkkkk…

3 thoughts on “tacchon smokes

  1. You very boh liao leh….so what if they smoke…Hyde and Gackt smoke too what~~~~! And you don’t see my heart break…XD

    elisia says: You know I cannot stand people smoking. Even if it’s my friend. Smoking is a bad habit to cultivate mahz. So if my 心目中的完美偶像 picks up smoking…sigh…

    Maybe for you, you can tahan it more than I can. But I see whether your heart will buuuuurrrreeeekkkk if your dear Jin Jin or Kame or Uchi-kun picks up smoking. Ohohoho…skarli Jin Jin does smoke…

  2. hi, i happen to stumble here and this really SHOCK ME.

    my tacchon smokes!!! m(T_T)m

    but come to think, what else can happen since kusa and uchi were caught underage drinking?

    btw, where did you see the picture of tacchon smoking ne?

    elisia says: I saw it on an lj site. But Tacchon isn’t going against the law since he’s already 20.

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