bare butts

I was tagged by Per to do this whole JE bare butt meme.

  1. Who was your first JE butt?
  2. I can’t remember if I’ve seen any pictures but I do remember seeing P’s butt.

  3. What situation was it?
  4. It was a short clip from a drama.

  5. Any other JE butts you’ve seen?
  6. Like I said, I don’t remember. Maybe I did but I was too traumatised to remember. HAHAHA…

  7. Any JE butts you WANNA see?
  8. Omg…why the hell would I want to see anyone’s butt?

  9. JE butts that you would rather dig out your eyes than see.
  10. Johnny’s…HAHAHA…

Ermz…I don’t know who would want to continue doing this meme but anyway, just do it if you want to or know what the hell we’re talking about.

Per got her new i-mode phone. Apart for a certain function, we feel it pales in comparison to Japan’s i-mode service. And the main thing is that, the menu is different so it’s not possible to subscribe to JWeb. Let’s hope that the service improves and that more service providers provide this feature. Currently only Starhub offers it.

I haven’t actually seen the phone but I think this is something I’ll like and want to get. Except that it’s too expensive right now (in my parent’s terms). Behold the Samsung Z140

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