did you think it was forever?

We wanted to go ice-skating on Saturday. Per said there’s a package for four people so Per, James, Tristan (Per’s friend) and I decided on it. Went all the way to Jurong just to find that the ice-hockey competition was going on and that the rink would be closed to the public for the whole day. Worse, we found out that that was the last day of the competition. Imagine how dui we were. T_T

Mum got me a temporary job at her office again. At first, the news came a little too sudden. I know I’ve been complaining about my current workplace a lot, saying things like I want out. But suddenly, I feel attached to the place. I’ve grown to find that the place is not too bad after all. Working with the aunties, learning new skills but not really having the time to improve and master them. Yet I know that this is the chance to move on and earn a little more. After having little talks with Dad and Per, I felt much better. Hence, I informed Reena about me working till the end of this week.

With that, I guess it’ll be a change of scenery come next Monday. Also, James has some freelance lobang for web design. I agreed but really am still not too confident about it. I did warn him that if he were to find my design unsuitable, he can always change it and I wouldn’t insist in getting anything out of it. Afterall, this is my first freelance job.

I talked to Dad about school and stuff. He gave me an idea of what I might want to pursue. Glad I talked to him about it.

One thought on “did you think it was forever?

  1. よっかったね~ あたしずっと応援しています!

    And we must so go ice-skating still.

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