Oh yea…I burned my hand again. Corn soup again. But hey, 我学乖了。 This time I immediately went to soak my hand and asked for the cream to apply. So it ain’t that bad. This is like my third time getting burnt. The first was the worse. The whole hand was like going to 烂掉。The second time was with the deep fryer basket. Just a line near my elbow. Half the scab is off. Waiting for the other part to be fully healed then can peel off the scab.

I haven’t blogged for some time. I know there’s a lot to blog about but after days have passed, I feel so lazy and blah to talk about it. I guess I shall list the main events and talk a LITTLE bit.

  • Pwen went back to Australia.
  • Jo’s 21st birthday.
  • I hate customers who look down on our job.

How time flies. Pwen came home to spend one month with family and friends. Now it’s back to studying for her. Per and I went to see her off at the airport.

Jo’s 21st birthday party was held in Downtown East. 7ners got to stay over. Privileged bunch…hahaha. The first night was spent playing games on the Xbox. Some racing game and X-Men Legends. Per and I ended up staying awake while the rest were sleeping. Haha…this is like déjà vu. We were the only 2 awake on the bus trip to Ipoh some time ago. Anyway, we finally got our hands on the xbox controllers.

So we played the racing game. Now this is so damn funny. Trust me, the cars weren’t easy to control. Jab the little control to much to the side, your car turns by A LOT. Bang your car too hard, the wheels come off. No kidding. When the wheels come off, you’re totally stuck. No button to press to get the driver out to fix them back on. So the aim of the game was whatever happens to your car, DO NOT let the wheels come off. The first few moments were tragic. We had to restart the game a lot. Trying to control our laughter in the wee hours of the morning. This was truly where the abbreviation “rofl” (rolling on the floor with laughter) described the total situation. So instead of racing like we should be, our mission ended up being “Whatever you do, don’t let your car wheels come off.”

I think I am like the WORST driver. So reckless. Look at what happened to my car…


Let’s just face it. I’m crap at playing arcade games. Which is also why I don’t like playing arcade games. HAHAHA…

The day was spent with Jo unwrapping her presents from us and doing forfeits. Her presents from us were a little tiara and 1000-piece Noah’s Ark jigsaw puzzle. We wasted no time in starting to piece the puzzle since it would hold more meaning if all the 7ners pieced it together. Hmmm…although 7ners was not complete since Pwen and CJ weren’t there.

Night came. The real celebration. No BBQ. Jo’s aunt cooked the food which was good by the way. But Jo was so busy running up and down trying to settle the food and stuff and trying to spend time with her guests which consisted of relatives and friends.

Per and I didn’t stay for the second night.

No big celebration like that for my 21st. Maybe I should spend the whole day sleeping. HAHAHA…just kidding. I don’t know. I guess it’ll be spent like the past birthdays. Once with friends, have a meal together that kinda thing and then once with family whom I have forced to buy me a black forest cake. HAHAHA…

Now for the third point. Recently I served 2 office ladies. They were at the next counter looking at the menu, trying to decide what to eat. I was serving another customer. When I was done, another couple who came later stepped up. I was about to tell the office ladies to come over since they were there first. Before I could say anything, one of them said in an annoyed tone “We were here FIRST.” So alright, I served them FIRST.

The whole time I was taking their order, I could sense this unfriendliness in their tone. The message that was given off was like they think they are so damn superior just coz they are working in a comfy air-conditioned office while we are stuck in a hot and greasy place and we earn a measly pay. What? Don’t treat us like we’re some lowly shit ok. Like we’re some insignificant organism. Whether we work in a posh place or a crappy one, we’re all the same. We’re all HUMANS. Just like a sweeper or a labourer, I wouldn’t look down on them. Without them, who else is willing to do the job? Anyway, the (crap) ladies had better believe in karma. What goes around comes around.

All I gotta say is that this job teaches you patience. Many times I’m like rolling my eyes (which is damn unhealthy) and holding myself back from spitting out some words which ain’t going to sound nice. It’s so fake. You have to act so nice when yet you’re raging inside and you just want to reach across the counter to slap that person.

2 thoughts on “again?!

  1. Hahahah I can’t believe you burned the same hand! But it would have been sadder case if you burned the other… Awww *patpat*

    THE CARS WERE SO FUNNY!! OMG. That was definitely one of the highest laughing points, I swear.

    If cleaners were more-reasonably paid (Read: highly paid), then people won’t. Singapore’s all about money. Well, just use a stack of 50 bills and slap em in the cheek. Then remember to keep the stack in your pocket before you huff and walk off with ur nose in the air. Hee.

    elisia says: But I don’t have a stack of $50… -_-||| The only stack I can use is a stack of order chits. HAHAHA…

  2. yah!!! I got that when I was working as well.. some customers were so blardy what if they are rich, posh and all.. bleah.

    take care of the hand.. heh.. =)

    elisia says: It’s ok now. I’m glad I listened to aunty this time. You know how the saying goes…不听老人言,吃亏在眼前。

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