another JE dream

Yea, you guessed it. Another JE post.

Recently I had my third JE related dream. Before I plunge into the story, let me do a little recap.

My first JE related dream was (for some weird reason) running away from Massu. I KNOW! I don’t know why I did that TOO! :tongue: He kept chasing behind me asking me to stop but I kept running and yelling at him to stop following me coz I won’t understand what he’s saying and neither would he understand what I’m saying.

The second was just too weird. Well, it involved Per and I watching a NewS mini concert. And halfway this crazy man telling everyone to go home and stop wasting our parents’ money. Told you it was too weird. :rofl:

The third was well…weird too. We were in Japan and Per was with us. See Per, I never leave you out when it comes to anything JE related. :rofl: We went to this 1 Rittoru no Namida exhibition. *tsk tsk* Must have been discussing the drama too much in the forum so ended up having a related dream too. Anyway, the exhibition had like 3 rooms filled with information and stuff. Not only that, each room, at each corner, sat an actor/actress from the drama. Yes yes…I know we’re getting excited here coz you know what that means…name starts with “r”.

And yes, we saw Ryo. Had that same “act cool” look. Ok, there should have been a million other fangirls clamouring for his attention but really, there wasn’t really anyone. We didn’t really dare go up to him. But after we left that room, we were gushing about him at a seat just outside the room. I think we were waiting for my parents or something. Per should know that when I’m high, I’m practically siao. Anyway, suddenly Ryo and Erika (lead actress) came out of the room…I presume to go to the loo? By then, we weren’t really talking about him but coz we were high, we were like practically bouncing all over which caught his eye. He and Erika stopped and came over to us saying something like thanks for coming and they wanted to befriend us.

And that was it. So anti-climax right? But yea, that was all coz I woke up. Hahaha…

Been trying very hard to watch stuff and clear my hard drive. So I finished Nurse Aoi and Kuitan. I’m sort of the disappointed to say that Kuitan had a rather boring storyline. I did enjoy Higashiyama’s and Go’s acting though. And the food really made me drool. Whether it was 麻婆豆腐 or シオドメロンパン or 雪見鍋 or コロッケor ピーマンの肉詰め… :woot:

Nurse Aoi was better. Didn’t think much of the drama at first since I don’t really like Koyama. But I’ve got to admit, I did like Koyama’s character and acting in the end. 🙂

Something random now…how come I’ve never eaten メロンパン when I was in Japan? I’m so going to eat that the next round I’m there. Yes Per, I so want to go with you to Japan and watch NewS’s concert together but I really don’t have the money. 😥 We shall save up and go together one day ok? 約束…

One thought on “another JE dream

  1. Omg I didn’t see this entry!

    それはMelon panですか? あたしタコ焼きがすごく食べたいんじゃん~ やっぱり恵美須町にのタコ焼き一番美味しいかも。。 コロッケも食べたいね! 

    あぁ!! Crepe~!! 心斎橋にでしょう? どうぅぅぅぅしよう?! あ、思い出した。。日本に夏祭り時、あの焼きそばはまずいです!>

    elisia says: はい。それは melon pan です。I edited that bit already. 🙂 タコ焼き? でも…私はタコを大嫌い。 🙁 Crepe~~~好き! バナナとイチゴとチョコレートソース…美味しい~~~ You still remember about the 焼きそば? I can’t even remember about it. Hahaha…maybe coz it tasted so bad so my brain refuses to remember that bit. Omg. I’m starting to sound like Massu…talking about food. :rofl:

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