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I collected my NewS calendar (or should it be called diary). I must say that I’m a little disappointed with it after flipping through it.

Opened the box. Surprise surprise! And what do we find? A little note that says…

Pfffttt…so we all know that there’s no Uchi or Kusano in it. :glare:

30+ pages of photos but I’m not really impressed. Especially the pages with the mini profile.

So what? I can do that too. Take a few pics, edit them a little and paste them one over the other then add the text and there. And this is irritating me…how come Massu’s name has to be split into 4 lines when everyone else’s is in 2 nice rows?! No space? Haven’t you heard of reducing the font size? :angry: :angry: :angry:

This is obviously rushed work since they had it reprinted after Kusano’s incident. This lacks a lot of the “wow” effect. Wonder what it was like before they had it reprinted. Could have been better than this. :glare:

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