finding fault with myself

I’m feeling crapz now. Just coz Mum came and asked me to scan and copy some stuff for her. The diagram fills the whole page but the damn copier just cuts off at a certain point. So I wasted about 8 pieces of paper. And the best part is the wasted paper can’t be used as rough paper. Confidential stuff so need to be shredded. ARGH!

Next, Per came to ask me some stuff about celebrating my birthday with 7ners. She was asking me to decide on some stuff. Suddenly I feel like crying. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I can’t think or want to decide on anything considering my birthday. An inner voice blames me “people are trying to plan your birthday for you so you can enjoy yourself, planning the stuff you’ll like and all you can do is give half-hearted answers.” I don’t know. I’m tired of thinking. I’m tired of worrying that what I like may not be what people like.

And just then some sad song starts playing on my player making things worse…:cry:

Do you know that I can’t stand noisy places? Especially places where there are numerous conversations going on. Coz I can eavesdrop on conversations quite well. No, sometimes I don’t mean to. But my brain just wants to separate each conversation. So if 10 conversations are going on in this room I’m in, my brain will be trying to separate each one. Which makes me go crazy. Sorry, just some randomness.

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