I know this is quite boliao to talk about especially when it’s 4+am in the morning. I changed my wallpaper. It’s similar to the previous one. I guess coz 10 April is coming and I wanted to do something for myself. So yay. :heart: Per and I were talking about Miyabi just now so I thought why not. She has some pretty photos but I gotta say that Risako’s one looks better this time. In case anyone can’t figure what the hell I’m rambling about…

And I finally got the PV for Berryz工房’s “ジリリ キテル”. They are growing up and Tsunku’s definitely marketing them as young ladies and not kids unlike what he did to Kago and Tsuji for at least 5 years. :whistle: I think Yurina’s having a growth spurt coz I don’t remember her being that tall. She’s 13 afterall…puberty. She is tall but didn’t think she was THAT tall. She’s really towering over everyone. 友理奈,你到底吃什么长大的? Poor Saki. Captain of Berryz工房, oldest but smallest in size.

Before I forget. It’s P’s birthday!!! And they are in Hokkaido. Still in the midst of the concert tour. お誕生日おめでとう!!!

Omg…it’s raining AGAIN. Yes, complete with thunder and a little lightning. And I should be sleeping. Alrighty, off to bed.

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