the best one yet

I’ve seen chatlines use MM girls, Ai Otsuka, Kyoko Fukada, Misaki Ito, Ueto Aya in their pathetic advertisements in the newspapers or magazines. I’ve seen one use a JE boy…Jin. But this has got to be the best one yet. In today’s Newpaper. I didn’t even notice it at first coz I was reading the article above. Caught sight of it just as I was going to turn the page. Picture’s too big…click to see it.

OMG. They used Ryo. If JE knew about this, JE would have sued their asses off. Even official drama sites aren’t allowed to have pictures of the JE boys. Next who would I see? Massu? :rofl:

Dinner was at Curry Favor. I think this celebration is going to be an unforgettable one. Haha…showers of blessing. The waitress spilled a whole glass of water on me. Which soaked the right side of my top, the back of my skirt and…ermz…my un…ok never mind. Luckily my bag was just behind me so I didn’t sit right into the seat or else…my whole back might have gotten wet.

I think after working in the service line, I’ve changed a lot on how I tolerate such things. I wasn’t angry or anything. That’s precisely why I don’t really want to work at a restaurant. Accidents like that can happen and when it does happen, not everybody is that forgiving. Working in the service line makes you see things from the server’s point of view. I bet she would have wanted to dig a hole right there and then to bury herself. And having served all kinds of customers, I tell myself not to be one of those irritating/inconsiderate/rude customers.

Anyway…I got my blackforest cake. Haha…

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