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Something’s different about today. While everyone is blogging about how they spent Mother’s Day, our family did nothing. As in, we went about doing things like it was just a normal day. I haven’t asked Dad why we didn’t celebrate since the past Mother’s Days we go out for a meal at a nice restaurant.

Hmmm…I didn’t buy Mum anything. Or maybe I haven’t really gone out to look for something. No effort being made? But of course I don’t believe in buying something for the sake of it. It must be something chosen with much thought.

I went to Per’s degree show instead. The last 20 minutes of it. And helped her take down everything. After she had a small celebration with her friends, we went down to Mise to collect Sis’s magazines that she reserved. Walked down to Wheelock to have dinner at Nooch. But the place was gone so we settled for this Japanese restaurant.

I don’t know if I’m being too sensitive but sometimes I think some service staff look at us differently. Like stereotype. Just coz we look like students, they think we have no money. They have this “are you sure you can afford eating here?” kinda look which irritates me a lot. If I can’t afford it, I wouldn’t be stepping in here already. I would have chosen to eat at Mac or something. :angry: :angry: :angry: By the way, the food at Mac isn’t getting cheaper. So don’t think you’ve won or something. *rolls eyes*

Makes me feel like taking a wad of $50 bills and slapping them in the face with it. Except that I don’t have that kind of money. HAHAHA… But the point is, whether I look like a student or not, I’m still your customer.

Thinking about it. My sense can’t be wrong. Just like the time I asked sensei about something to confirm that I’m right about it. He said that I might be wrong but time proved that I was right. It’s just women and their “sixth sense”.

3 thoughts on “i can afford it

  1. izit that new posh jap restaurant? is the food gd? jr and i were tempted to step in there. but the food is kinda ex..

    elisia says: The restaurant is “Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe”. Yep, it’s towards the pricey side. If you’re looking for normal noodles or rice, I suggest you go someplace else instead. Not just coz it’s expensive to eat normal udon or don, but the selection of noodles and rice is quite small. They have other stuff instead, more “exquisite” stuff? Like steak cubes for teppenyaki. Overall the food is just ok, not that wonderful or anything.

  2. it’s those kind of staff that irritates me the most.
    hey! you’ve stepped into that restaurant and you’re eating there.
    it’s not like you those customers who sit, look into the menu and walk out.

    elisia says: Precisely…like what Per said. If we can’t afford it, we wouldn’t be stupid to step in as well.

  3. hm… well…the speciality of this cafe is basically on thier Kamameshi–someting like local claypot rice.

    Set Lunch will be more valuable

    Service wise, i agree that not all service staffs did thier best. Hm… they have thier feedback form on each table, if no, u can ask for it and write down ur comment.

    They treat these Comment seriously from wat i know.

    Anyway, hope u all will have a better dinning experience next time.


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