finally out

夏日风 is out!!! WOOHOO! Finally manz! I bet their comments board is flooded with comments. Haha…even if they get through, their comments board will still be flooded with comments. It’s just a matter of type of comment.

Since Sis went to tell Kel, I have nothing to lose now. My image is already gone. *laughs madly* I was going “UNCLE KEL! UNCLE KEL!” at the tv screen when he appeared. Coz he looked good with the cap. I :heart: newsboy caps. I have 3…though I seldom wear them now. His was the squarish type.

I got distracted. Continued working on the layout. Sliced the images and all. Then I got distracted with other things so I guess it won’t be up today. Probably in a few days time.

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