attack (back)

Went to watch that FOCUS First Cuts movie we got free tickets for. “Love Story”. This is one movie that for once I can’t figure out. But I did tell Sis that films that make you scratch your head the most are usually the ones that are rated the best and have won awards.

The only remotely possible conclusion I can come up with for the movie is how the question, “what is love?” is being made the focus. A writer who claims to write love stories lives his life in a mixture of make-believe and reality. Him battling with his inner demons, struggling to separate fact from fiction and vice versa. Getting so confused and tormented by his own thoughts.

The above paragraph is my interpretation of the movie. Really want to know the real meaning behind it. *sigh*

Oh, the title for the entry…the movie has nothing to do with it. Coz Sis was looking through the comments left on the SuperBand blog for Lucify. She came across this rather mean one and started reading it out to me. Got me a little agitated but I’m smart not to leave a reply to that comment there. I’m going to leave it here. Coz this is MY blog. Everything here goes according to MY wishes, MY fancy, MY terms.

So…a person going by the pseudonym of “Grossed out” left 2 nasty comments. The second one read…

“Hmmm… lets see… Are you better off by leaving good comments on the band you like? Dude, grow up. Heard they are imitating the Jap band Alice nine right? OMG!!! Stop disgracing yourselves pucified!!! Thinking that by dressing like a bunch of shit heads and rambling like lunatics can get you the title of a super band? Lets see… NOT IN A MILLION YEARS.”

Now, I really cannot understand why people have so much time and energy to waste on leaving nasty messages for a band they so obviously hate. I guess the person must be really naive to think that by doing so, maybe fans will start to question their liking for the band. Have you heard of reverse psychology? Your nasty comments only make fans grow stronger, their love for the band deeper. And you’re obviously digging your own grave here. If fans were to find out who you are…all I can say is good luck manz. I really want to say that you’re the one who needs to grow up, fancy all the name-calling and vulgarities. But this time, I’m going to prove to you…so you say we need to grow up? You think we’re juvenile? Fine. Shall show you how juvenile I can be. Two words. FUCK OFF. 

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