one night only

Coolest tattoo in town…

Haha, just kidding. That’s just the stamp from the i-weekly birthday bash held yesterday at Sentosa.

Scream! Make some noise! Jump around like never before. All for one night, let your hair down and unleash that crazed fan in you.

As the concert began, I couldn’t switch myself to the “feel high” mode. I was beginning to really believe that maybe I’ve passed that phase. I was proven wrong by the time Qi:Nobe performed. Then, the moment I was waiting for came. Lucify performed the song they performed for the revival round of SuperBand, Energy and 小猪’s “一起走吧”. By then, I was jumping up and down and screaming the lyrics.

Omg. And Kel was wearing his cap AGAIN. 超かっこいい!!! :woot:

Let me try to summarise the whole evening in this way:

Number of 帅哥s: 5
1) 洪俊扬 – Aiyah, can’t deny it lahz. He is 帅。Oh, but he isn’t that tall either.
2) D from JuzB – Malay 帅哥。
3) Bryan aka Brods 弟弟 from Brods
4) Andy from Soul – Actually the whole of Soul looked good with their silver and black outfits. I know Per is going to say that Andy looks like Arnold Schwerzenegger. AND WHEN DID I SAY I AM ISHI’S FAN?! I just said he looked good in the beginning of SuperBand. Per grabbed my hand and started waving it while screaming for Ishi’s attention. -_-|||
5) (Uncle) Kel from Lucify – Just coz he was wearing his cap which made him looked good. Aiyoh…please don’t let your head swell just coz I said you’re 帅 horz. It’s not permanent. Oopz…now, did I just burst your bubble? Hahaha…

Number of cute guys: 1
1) Tank – 帅 but in a different way. Smiles a lot and got that boyish charm.
Hurhur…Per is going to strangle me coz I didn’t mention anyone from 迷路兵…

Number of Massu lookalikes: 2
1) Awi from Soul – His pearly whites should score him a toothpaste endorsement. Throughout Soul’s performance, he was just grinning from end to end. Can’t understand what he’s so happy about. Maybe he’s taking the same type of happy pills as Massu…
2) Tank – Another guy who smiled A LOT.

Number of Rain lookalikes: 1
1) 伍洛毅 – One of the hosts for the concert. He does look a little like korean superstar, Rain.

Number of sound system screw-ups (that pissed me off): 4
1) 馒头’s bassist – I think the mic for his bass wasn’t working properly at one point?
2) Nic from 迷路兵 – No sound from his mic.
3) Yanto from Qi:Nobe – His problem was during sound check. Mic for his instrument wasn’t working.
4) Misaki from Lucify – No sound from his mic. WTH. Couldn’t hear his rap lorz. The sound crew ought to be shot. :glare:

Number of lip-synchers: 1
1) 潘嘉丽 – We’re all guessing she wasn’t singing live…

Number of irritating hosts: 1
1) 伍洛毅 – This one wanted to share the limelight with the artistes. Tried to act cool and made everyone call him “Rain”. Please lorz…try harder next time. Oh wait, don’t even try at all. *rolls eyes*

Number of performers who cried: 1
1) Renfred – From Campus Superstar fame. We were wondering whether he teared coz he was upset when the crowd didn’t pay attention to him and started screaming for Qi:Nobe coz they were getting ready behind while the hosts were asking Renfred some questions. Later we concluded that he teared coz of the smoke which might have irritated his eyes.

Number of times the (stupid) smoke-machine expelled smoke: countless
Nothing to say except the smoke STINKS! Left me gasping for air when it kept expelling smoke during Lucify’s performance. Irritating. Made it hard to see who’s performing on stage.

Not going to post up any photos coz the quality are all lousy. Blurry and all blah.

Cost of ticket: $2
Cost of entrance to Sentosa: $3
Cost to see Per get all high: Priceless

Haha…quite shocking actually. Per was like screaming for everybody and anybody.

One thought on “one night only

  1. No hor.. I didn’t scream for Kelly or Geraldine.. Oh I didn’t shout for Mantou but I sang along cos I like Soler? And I didn’t scream for most of the celebrities cos I was their fan.. It was more like, I needed to get high man.

    People who saw/waved/smiled at me at least TWICE:
    TANK!!!!!!!~!!!!! so cute so cute so cuuuute!!~ I was just like “TANK!!” Now that I think about it, I should made an uchiwa that said smth or got a bear and just threw it to TANK. So crammable! TANK is so cute! *squee*
    MLB’s Sam

    People who saw me once:
    Awi might have.. Aiyo he Darlie king
    DJ Andy, & MooZ was taking it cool so he might have seen me going crazy wahahha Yanto also came our side often.
    Geraldine cos OO behind me called her and she waved back
    Shinya… Maybe.

    People who saw me doing something funny:
    Uncle Kel might have seen me smack Da Jie.

    People who I’ve ‘molested’:
    I clasped hands with Liu De Hua~ hiakhiakhiak

    Very high meh? Still can be higher but everyone around me all so calm one.. How to high?? I was the highest tt night for Qinobe, MLB and Lucify.. \(^~^)/

    Andy seriously looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    And I paid a meaningless $2 for the IWeekly. -_-

    elisia says: Haha…you call Kel “Uncle Kel” too. :rofl:

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