she’s the man

Gonna do a little backtrack here. Back to Sunday.

Was supposed to go down to Orchard to be at the D’J Party. Japanese inspired dressing – black tee, skirt, long black socks, newsboy cap. Hah. Finally wore the black newsboy cap. It was sitting in my cupboard for so long with the tags still uncut.

While waiting for Per, went to Kino to get the mags. Proceeded to the second floor’s seating to wait. Got a few things settled while waiting. Replied to sms-es. Called up Cash Studio to book a place for Monday. Wait. Wait. Wait. It was one long wait. I was even wondering whether the Furla salespeople wondered how come this (strangely) dressed girl has been there for so long. Good thing I wore the cap. It gave me the privacy I needed when I didn’t want to have to see people looking at me.

Per finally arrived. Hallelujah! Went to get dinner since I calculated that we still had time to eat before the last band which I wanted to see most. Omu rice for dinner. :heart:

Walked over to the Youth Park. Uh oh. Everyone’s leaving. People are taking down the banners. But it’s only 8.30pm!!! I checked online the night before and the last band’s at 9.40pm. What’s going on?!

Since it was so obvious that we missed it, we decided to catch a movie instead. Da Vinci Code’s closing soon and we still haven’t caught it. Even Shige’s parents have watched it! Unfortunately, tickets for the timing we wanted were sold out and the next time slot was too late so we settled for something else. “She’s The Man“.

The movie was hilarious! Yea…can’t really go wrong with chick flicks.

After the movie, met Sis back at the 24-hour Mac which was rather packed. Soccer somehow unites all the guys. The tv in Mac was tuned to the World Cup matches. It’s so funny to see everyone just stand up and yell “GOAL!” in unison. Anyway, we called Yew Seng to join us for supper and spent a few hours there until Dad called to hurry us home. 

Sis borrowed my digicam so I couldn’t take a photo of Per and I…

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