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Monday, 7ners held a surprise party for Nad at Cash Studio. I’m glad that everything went smoothly after all the planning and organising. She knew we were sort of giving her a surprise as in we weren’t letting her know where we were going for dinner and all coz goondu Junwei accidentally sms-ed her when the sms was meant for Per. But she didn’t know we were going to surprise her at the ktv. She really thought I had to pick something up for Sis at Chinatown.

I was still kinda worried that she would wonder how come we were meeting so early when all we’re having is dinner. So at the last moment, I sort of covered that up saying that PK needed to go home early or something so we’re having an early dinner. Knowing Nad isn’t easily fooled, was trying to be really careful with my words. Praying hard that JW hadn’t unknowingly let out our secret. By the way, he almost did when Per called him a few days ago. He said “Chinatown” out loud and when Per tried to shush him, he did a bad job of trying to cover up his mistake. -_-|||

I was telling Per that maybe what made my little “show” more believable was the fact that I got lost. Went to Apollo Centre only once and I’m the kind who needs to take notice of the way there or else I’ll get lost next time. That time when I went with Sis and Per, Sis led the way and I was just following so I didn’t really take notice of the route there. Ehz…I’m just bad with directions.

Walked up to the ktv door. Opened it. SURPRISE!!!

Everybody had a fun time. Singing all those English songs which were popular back when we were in secondary school. Some of us singing random Mandarin songs. Hurhur…me “forcing” Per to sing NEWSニッポン and 希望~Yell~ with me. :rofl:

Didn’t want to leave so we ditched our plans of having dinner at Kenny Rogers in Marina. Anyway, CJ said there was a Swensens at Chinatown Point. Haha…coz of Sis’s member card, we can extend ktv hours for free if the room is not booked after us.

After dinner at Swensens, Per and I met Juliah at City Hall. Talked for awhile before going home just in time to catch the results for SuperBand. Woohoo! Lucify managed to get in the first round. They have always been on the rather “dangerous” side so it was good to have a change.

I keep feeling that these few days seem to be a dream. This very surreal feeling? Like I can’t have a firm grasp of what I’m doing. I end up asking myself at the end of each day “what the hell have you been doing?” Everything seems to be moving too fast. Or am I the one who’s too slow?

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