3 days worth

Friday…went down to PS for that YES 93.3 event. Actually I was a little sianz to go all the way down since Lucify wasn’t going to perform a song. All the SuperBand finalists just performed the SuperBand theme song. They weren’t even singing. They all looked damn paiseh, just moving onstage and trying to look happy.

And we made uchiwas! Haha…mine looks like this.

Sis’s is just the word “Lucify” on one side and the other side is blank.

Per made one to support Tank. Yep, that was also one of the reasons why I was there. To keep Per company. But I think she succeeded in making me a Tank fan. Wait, I’m not a huge fan lahz.

Saturday…went to Tank’s autograph session at TM with Per. We met some nice Tank fans who offered to get us in for the Tank music showcase at Kbox later.

PK, hope you’re not regretting now. I did call you to ask whether you wanted me to help you get the cd…

Tank overdose. Tank songs have been replaying over and over again in my mind. Especially those songs he kept singing at all the events.

Today…no tickets for the SuperBand recording but still went down to Mediacorp. Vics went home early. Maybe he was sick… Haha…but had to fill the six photo slots. So I took photos with Ishi from Soul and Brods. *mutters* I’m so short…

I’m running out of creative captions. I’m running out of things to say. I still haven’t done a million things. Like upload stuff for people, blog about Da Vinci Code (SO overdued), pick up the Japanese mags, go shopping for a dress to attend Yingwei and Clare’s wedding etc.

And please excuse me now for I have to go drown in the bathroom…

11 thoughts on “3 days worth

  1. Yeah thanks for accompanying me..
    It was my lucky day wasn\’t it? hehehe

    btw, TANK is so cute.

    elisia says: Yes, I know Tank is so cute. I can hear that statement in almost every one of the clips I took. *chuckles*

  2. yo.. haha didnt expect u to like Tank. tot u more crazy over the Jap culture.. Still like Arashi? I cant remember liao.. haha..

    omg. Kel so cute =.=.. He become thinner liao.. He bleached his hair again?

    elisia says: Of course JE still rules over all the others. You actually remember me liking Arashi? Haha…I still do. But I think NewS has overtaken them? Haha…Massu~~~ :love:

  3. haha.. yeah. .you even let me read your Arashi magazines.. haha.. Jun was quite cute as Kindiiachi in that TV series =)

    elisia says: Ehz…how come I cannot recall that? I remember carving their names on my table. I love Kindaichi but I prefer Tsuyoshi Domoto as Kindaichi. Jun was ok…his series, I love the case on the butterflies the best.

  4. haha ya. Tsuyoshi was the best of all.. Have you seen the 2005 series?? that actor was too pretty… haha

    butterflies~ the green-eyed girl.. I like the wedding/fashion epsiode..

    elisia says: Kamenashi Kazuya? Kame? I have downloaded the episode but have not watched it. But I think he really does not fit the role of Kindaichi.

    okay, continue….

    elisia says: Haha…I knew you would say that too.

  6. I have watched it on youtube. Not too bad acting.. but i still prefer the first actor.. Basically that ep is about him accepting himself. blah balh..

    haha perr u like him ah?

    elisia says: Per adores Tsuyoshi-kun.

  7. Haha.. I didnt know she was crazy about Japanese culture.. hey I dont know whether Per still remembers me or not.. Lol. =D

    elisia says: She is my only closest pal I know whom I can talk freely about Japanese stuff to. :rofl: Yes, she does remember you.

  8. Ah, hello! How are you?
    We (Boss and I) liked Jpop + JRock at about the same time but we had different Jap confidantes at that time.. Only in Sec 4 then we found out we liked the same grp and stuff…

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