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There are times when I almost want to burst, frustrated at my inability to reach my computer…

Thanks for the prayers. Sis has been discharged since last Saturday. I wouldn’t say that the problems have been solved but at least now that she has gotten a bit of help from professionals, I think she is also trying to sort out how she feels. It’s back to the rather cramped house (since my grandparents came to stay) but I guess everyone’s trying not to bother each other and step on each other’s toes.

I don’t care if people are going to say I’m desperate. As long as I know I tried, even if the ending is not what I want, at least I’m comforted.

I went to an American School fair. DePaul had a booth there. I talked to the school advisor. I know I sounded kinda strange coz I really didn’t know how to approach the topic. How embarassing can it get to “bother” people when I have already been rejected. But Mr Durbin was nice, he said he would check out with the admissions people to see what was the actual reason behind the rejection. He did offer a possibility that my poly grades are not considered academic and thus the only grades that were looked at was my O’level results (which sucked big time).

I was kinda disappointed to hear that reason. If it was 5-10 years ago, I would have accepted that reason. Poly was once deemed as the path for all those who got “lousier” grades and couldn’t make it to JC. But now, it seems that people like me (people who can’t even smell the air of JC) are fighting to get into poly with O’level 7-pointers. Which means that poly’s standards have been raised by a lot. Could almost say it’s of equal standing to JC.

So, the question is…do we poly graduates really have a future? What lies in store for us outside of the country if our grades are not going to be considered?

My lunchtime buddy, Selina has left. 😥 I will always remember her love for the fried fish at the 菜饭 stall at the interchange. So much that she said she would burn their stall down if she didn’t get to eat it. Hahaha…oopz. Wishing her all the best in her studies. 🙂

Shimei, the new temp staff left after 3 days citing family reasons. Ok, that leaves me as the only temp staff left in Motor Processing. Which also means I have to do everything. Processing/issuing motor policies (DUH!), calling up other insurance companies to check on customers’ NCD (a tiring thing to do), franking and posting the mail, bringing down the motor proposals for scanning and passing the foreign maid payments for processing, facing the (nonsense) servicing staff downstairs.

Had quite a bad experience for the last. My colleague says that’s the “spirit” of most of the Income staff. Let me explain my position first. I am, well, just…THE TEMP STAFF, which means I am not in the position to argue with anyone lest I wanna get kicked out. Very dangerous position to be in. To put it nicely, the temp staff assists the full-timers with their work. To put it horribly, the temp staff does the sai gang.

Now that I’m done with explaining my position, I shall move on to that “spirit”. When a problem arises, everyone likes to 耍太极。Whoa, you should see how everyone becomes 太极 experts and the problem goes unsolved for a week or more. Hello, shouldn’t we be putting our heads together to solve it and then settle our differences later? And when a solution presents itself (whether temporary or not), shouldn’t we just take it first?

Now to put the 2 together… Being the temp staff, I’m usually the middleman for most things. You could say that it’s partly due to my unfamiliarity to most issues. But, there are times when I can see the solution so clearly that it frustrates me to see no one trying to well, MOVE! Oh wait, I can’t do anything coz I’m just the lowly *drumroll* temp staff.

Met some poly mates last Saturday. Had dinner then moved on to KBox at Cine. Although KBox isn’t the choice place for Japanese songs (like I can’t find OLIVIA’s “A Little Pain” in KBox can I?), I know I can still find something Japanese to sing. Was kinda surprised to find 伊藤由奈’s “Endless Story” though. The last time we went to KBox, Per, Sis and I resorted to choosing the chinese version and Myojo Young Song lyrics. I would have done that for SweetS’ “虹色の永遠” but I didn’t have the lyrics on hand that day. And I DO NOT rely on romanji anymore.

Just coz I sing Japanese songs or utter a few Japanese phrases doesn’t make me pro. I only sing slower songs coz then I can read. Even if I sing slightly faster songs, it’s coz I am already familiar with the tune and most of the lyrics. More like memorisation work.

Heehee…going CS-ing on my birthday. Woohoo!

Elisia’s 必唱 Japanese song list:

  1. NewS – NEWSニッポン (super high song…1 2 3 4 5 6 7 it’s BIG NEWS!!!)
  2. NewS – 希望~Yell~ (another high song…can sing 90% of the song)
  3. NewS – チェリッシュ (it’s not really 必唱 since I can only sing the chorus part but we can do the hand actions…haha)
  4. NewS – ずっと (don’t care if it’s a bit low…Massu sang it and anyway, it’s a nice song)
  5. OLIVIA inspi’ REIRA (TRAPNEST) – A Little Pain (can sing 95% of the song)
  6. REIRA starring Yuna Ito – Endless Story
  7. YUI for 雨音 薫 – Good-bye Days
  8. 薫 雨音 (Sawajiri Erika) – タイヨウのうた
  9. Berryz工房 – ジリリ キテル
  10. モーニング娘。- ふるさと (will choose to sing it only if not in Cash)
  11. 宇多田ヒカル – First Love (will choose to sing it only if not in Cash)

Attempting/might attempt to make these songs 必唱:

  1. モーニング娘。さくら組 – さくら満開 (it’s slow enough…haha)
  2. SweetS – Color Of Tears
  3. SweetS – 虹色の永遠 (this is an exception coz the machine in Cash doesn’t have this song…have to use the chinese version)
  4. 大塚 愛 – 金魚花火
  5. 浜崎あゆみ – Who… (going to check out if the machine in Cash has it…love this song a lot)

You never really notice that years have passed until you notice the poster on your wall is dated year 2003. Yea…the “A Ballads” poster on my room wall…

Can’t believe it’s my birthday again. I must have been working too hard to notice. Haha… I only noticed when Mum gave me the envelope to make a Lent time donation. I was like “I thought you gave us already…” then trailed off when I realised it was last year’s envelope I was referring to. Anyway, Lent time means it’s close to Easter which means it’s near my birthday.

Anyway, I haven’t really thought of what I wanted. More tamis I guess. Hahaha… I want a strawberry cake this year. Last year was black forest. I have compiled my wish list under ‘links’.

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  1. well, I was working in the finance department for over
    a year at that place as a temp staff so, yeah, I so know
    what you mean and how you feel.

    anyway, meeting up later for your birthday! I’m so
    excited 😀

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