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Happy Chinese New Year to all my blog readers! The time to eat and get fat on all the goodies. I’m getting quite sick of eating after 3 days of full lunches/dinners. I bet we have tossed enough 鱼生 to ensure this year’s prosperity. Yea, I NEED MORE MONEY!!! But we all do.

Meeting all my relatives can be quite a happy yet tiring thing to do. I envy friends who are so close to their cousins. Sad to say, Sis and I are not close to our cousins. Mostly coz we don’t want to. There are the ones who simply lack manners. You don’t go to someone’s house and enter their rooms or touch their things without permission. Worse, use your dirty/oily fingers to touch things without permission.

Anyway, this CNY has proved to be a “painful” (literally) one. For the first time, I had mense cramps which refused to go away until today. What luck to get the “ribena falls” during this time. Pimples start popping out. To make things worse, I didn’t really have the time to shop for new clothes so I had to make-do with whatever’s in my wardrobe already. One or 2 pieces of clothing was new but the colour was unsuitable to be worn during CNY. So the whole time, I’m just feeling so unglamourous. Bleargh.

Now for some photos…

My uncle’s dog, Buddy. Year of the dog…his year!

Remember I posted a photo of my cute second cousin, Lee Ann quite some time ago. The little lady is now three-and-a-half and still extremely cute. Couldn’t manage to get a nice shot of her coz when Sis asked her to smile for a photo, she just said “No more photos, I’m tired.” CUTE!!!

Lee Ann, Heather and Uncle Ron. Lee Ann’s idea of a smile is to give the widest grin. So cute!

The nicest shot we got of Lee Ann.

KAT-TUN is going to debut soon! FINALLY! God knows what Johnny-san has been thinking all this while. おめでとう!!!

やばい! I forgot all about the Samsung funclub points. Today is the last day to use up the points!

I just checked. My ripway account has been deleted. So all images in old entries are now broken. Cannot be bothered to re-upload anything. Besides, some images have not been backed up.

One thought on “happy cny

  1. LoL is Lee Ann learning archery?

    Happy CNY!

    elisia says: Hahaha…she was playing with a straw and plastic bag (the kind to put your wet umbrella). Happy CNY!!!

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