celebrating the nation’s birthday

Oh well, it was Singapore’s 43rd birthday about an hour ago. Happy 43rd! 🙂

Deary took me out to have dinner at Mushroom Pot and then go watch the fireworks. I think he didn’t really want to spend too much and was thinking of ordering one-pan-meals, but I sort of insisted on eating steamboat. :sweat: Well, he gave in to me. Thanks deary! :love: It was kinda a mushroom overload for him, but it was mushroom-y goodness for me!

I think this would be the first and last time we would watch the fireworks live on National Day. Too many people. Many roads closed and lots of re-direction of human traffic resulting in chaos. To make things worse, Bangladeshi workers squeezing in the crowd. These workers are really one kind. They WILL push their way no matter what…even when there’s a human jam and it’s almost impossible to move. They NEED to move in a group and their groups do not exist in small numbers mind you. They CANNOT and WILL NOT be seperated from each other even though they are all moving in the same direction. Wah lau…if it’s not Bangladeshi workers then it’s China workers. Not that I’m being racist or what, but it’s true.

Looking forward to 15th…*winks*

fighting mushrooms and pigs

I know this sounds childish, but I’m back to playing MapleStory. After trying out too many Yahoo! game trials, I got fed up and went to reset my Asiasoft pin so I could play Audition and maybe Pangya. 10 minutes into playing Audition, I decided that I sucked at it and MapleStory is better. I play to kill my boredom and not coz I adore the game. I will probably get sick of it after some time and uninstall it.

In less than a month, I will be back in the States. I kinda dread studying like shit all over again just to get a good GPA. The worst part is it’s not like I have a choice coz if I don’t study like shit, my conscience will just nag me till I drop dead or something AND I will feel like nothing when I stand next to the rest…including deary. *psst* It’s not like I don’t feel like nothing already…

I contemplated telling you how I feel, but now I’ve decided to tell you. Only thing is, I’ll tell you on the 15th. No no…don’t worry, it’s nothing bad. Really…I swear.

how to deal with disappointment

I thought I had it planned and settled all nicely. Contact the relevant person, secure a spot, and include that in my application. Things were going pretty well until I received bad news in the form of an sms. I was denied internship coz 3 weeks is just too short. Huge blow…but I’ll push my luck a little. Replied saying that I don’t mind a job shadow which means I won’t be paid. The reply I got was that it could have been explored, however, HR must be rather busy so in short…no. Just politely replied to end off the conversation.

Dazed. Blank. What am I going to do? You don’t know how much this would mean to me. What it would cost me. What am I going to use to prove myself? Is it my fault? Did I bring this upon myself? Should I have just gone ahead as planned instead of cutting the time to 3 weeks? But I was really tired… 🙁

Thank God, I was with Deary. He gave me hugs and the strength I needed to deal with the disappointment. As everyone knows, I recover quickly from such unhappy episodes. I’m fine now and have some little plans in mind. Hopefully they work out fine.

Looking on the brighter side, at least I get the time I want to fully relax.

ai ai gasa

Somehow, テゴマス always gets nice songs. :love:

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/mKWyWFXBBJY" width="375" height="300" wmode="transparent" /]

I would have drawn this out, but there’s no scanner attached to Maru-chan and the desktop is pretty wonky.

the event and the list

After 3 days of little sleep, the event is finally over. I think the hardest part of the registration desk job was to keep awake while there is really nothing to do. I tried arranging the name tags, doodling on the note pad, testing the limit of my sight while checking out sponsor tables for freebies, talking to Cass, eating…I must say I really exhausted all possible ways of keeping myself occupied so that I would not fall asleep. All this was going on while Qing Xian was loading powerpoint presentations and happily surfing the net for haunted places in Singapore on Maru-chan in the ballroom. Argh…I really wanted to surf the net too~~~ My beloved Maru-chan~~~

I think the little sleep we got has taken its toll on Deary. He has fallen sick. Awwwwww… 🙁 From this event, I really saw how Deary is so serious about work. I think he really earned the respect and trust of his employer/ex-lecturer. I have much to learn and follow. I don’t know, maybe it’s a personal standard I set for myself. I don’t like to short-change my employer, so I want to make sure I do a perfect job. However, it seems like I always manage to screw up a little. *pokes self* I’m sure it also has something to do with my confidence problem. *sigh*

Work aside, I think I sort of have a clothes-buying list forming…mostly lolita stuff to match the pink sweet lolita dress I got from Body Line.

  1. White tights (preferably 80 denier)
  2. Frilly knee-high white socks
  3. Pink/White lolita bag
  4. White Mary-Jane lolita shoes
  5. White frilly long-sleeved blouse
  6. White frilly short-sleeved blouse
  7. Denim shorts
  8. Denim mini skirt

I discovered to my horror that there is a stitching error on the sleeve of my pink sweet lolita dress. I guess I will have to unpick a bit… Oh and the white long-sleeved blouse I got from Body Line, the lady kinda lied? It is a bit too big. *sigh*

Now that I have something of sweet lolita…I am thinking wa lolita next…

cute boy’s birthday

I am supposed to watch a dvd for EALC 135, but the damn dvd doesn’t want to work on Maru-chan. So, I guess I’ll blog instead.

Last night, we celebrated deary’s birthday. While he was having his exam, I went to get a cake. Uh oh…the only small-sized cakes left were Strawberry Cheesecake and Strawberry. Although Strawberry looks a little weird for a guy coz it’s all pink, but I guess it’s just too bad? Haha, Kang Jie said it’s special coz I chose it and I like pink. Ermz…ok…whatever…

Deary finished his exam early and was waiting for Jordan to finish so he called me. I told Kang Jie to keep quiet, but just nice Thung Han came into the room. I was so afraid that deary heard the door close, so I had to lie. Omg…it was such a pain to lie. I’m like the greatest liar or something. I lied that I was walking around my dorm taking photos for the SSA website and all the while I was in the secret room (PAR Carr lounge). You should have seen my face. I was making all these weird faces while lying.

Well, the plan was supposed to be Jordan and him come over to the secret room after their exam. I guess I didn’t give clear instructions coz they both went back to their rooms. I know that once deary goes back to his room, he won’t want to come out again. So, Jordan calls me and goes what next. I’m like “nooooooo, you can’t let him go back into his room. He won’t want to come out anymore. Please call him and drag him out again.”

I never knew Jordan was a great liar. The boy has certainly learnt well, suddenly become less blur and can think faster now. He lied that something fell off his car and he needed deary to come down to look at it. Sweet. That should do the trick.


Happy 23rd~~~ Yea, we’re old…

a little more sunshine

“ね、さくら満開~~~ ね、さくら満開~~~” <<モーニング娘。 さくら組 - さくら満開>>

Finally I get to settle down to writing a entry. It’s Spring yo. Warmer weather, flowers all bloomin’…I like~~~

I got the post of Web Director! :heart: I know I didn’t give a very convincing speech, but trust me, I’m very thankful I got the post.

Although there are just those few times I wish I didn’t get that post… It means greater responsibility. Sometimes I get scared I won’t be able to live up to people’s expectations and I’ll be so ashamed of myself. Also, this is something which comes between deary and I. I don’t want to give this up coz it’s something I like to do, yet if it’s going to hurt our relationship, I’ll rather not have it. Although whatever has happened has passed now and we sort of settled it, I really hope things like that won’t have to happen again and again. I don’t want to have to keep feeling like I’m losing myself coz I’m trying to make the relationship work at the expense of my own happiness and my own true self.

I spent a quiet birthday with deary. Although the weather was kinda crappy, deary managed to make me feel special. We had dinner at Olive Garden and later he spent some time with me.

I got a shock when I returned to my dorm. Jordan, Xincai, and Kang Jie came out of nowhere with a cake to surprise me. Hehe…deary planned it. Thanks for the cake and sweet gesture, my friends~~~

My RA got me a slice of cake too. 🙂

And to all those who left me birthday greetings, thanks! To 7ners: I miss you girls!

I couldn’t get into Japanese class…again. I’m so sad. 🙁

There was an earthquake on Friday. 4+am I woke up to a mildly shaking bed. In my sleepiness, I was wondering if I was just imagining it until the creaking of the wooden frame of my bed and the swaying of my bathrobe ties confirmed that it was real. Haha, finally something “happening” for boring ol’ Urbana-Champaign.

Yes, there are sacrifices to be made. It’s kinda hard at times, but I believe we’ll overcome all obstacles together. For once, deary actually told me how he really felt. I felt kinda proud that I am a positive influence in his life. I also felt really blessed.

CJ said to enjoy the “honeymoon” period while it lasts. Yea, 3 months of honeymoon sweetness and we’re already passed 2 months. It kinda scares me a little. I don’t want to quarrel with deary and hurt each other. I think we both don’t want to lose each other.


I think it’s kinda impossible not to quarrel, but I pray to God that we’ll both be fine at the end of the day. I have faith in God that if he made us come together, he will help us grow as a couple and strengthen our relationship a little more each day. I also have faith in deary that we’ll treasure our relationship and work together to strengthen it.

best memory of spring break

Spring break is going to end very very soon and I hate it. Back to non-stop mugging and worrying. No more freedom to keep disturbing deary. What saddens me most is I’m going to see less of deary’s smile coz he’s sure to get all worried about schoolwork and exams just like before the break.

Best memory of Spring break? Deary’s smile.